A year of community, change-making conversation, and badass women.


Bringing women with different perspectives together to discuss, learn and create change and deep connection.

You will become BOLDER and wiser women who make an impact on the world around us. 

Take the inspiration of SuperSoul Sunday + the learning and motivation of a classroom + a passionate discussion of badass grown women;

This is The Community (of Us.)

You're committed to becoming the most informed, inspired and enlightened version of you. Yes, YOU.  And while you do, you also create change [read: MAGIC] within your families and extended communities because the shifts that you create have a direct impact on the people around you.  No bullshit.

This community was created because it's time that we explore deeper, learn from people who are different than us, and feel the ripple effect of what it's truly like to have the courage and confidence to speak up and be heard, in all areas of our lives.  

***NOTE: If you are seeking purely small business coaching and community, head over to The Collective (of Us) right here


With compassion, empathy, and heart-centered badassery, we will BOLDY show up and create the changes we hope to see in the world. No more waiting. No more bullshit.  




For an entire year, you'll come together for curated conversations with a diverse community of women. We will discuss the difficult things, the fun shit, the necessary stuff and the topics that you've often wanted to dig into, but didn't know where to go or who to talk to.

Every month, we'll have a new theme, ranging in diverse topics from Confidence and Asking Boldly, to Race and Implicit Bias, to Wellness and Self-Care. ALL THE THINGS.

This is your space to ask the difficult questions, learn from others, walk the walk and truly learn to live an extraordinarily WIDE OPEN life.

We will learn first hand how our perspectives have shifted. We will walk away from these calls uplifted, and action oriented to truly create change.

Soul -Fueled Curated Discussions

These calls led by Cyndie will feel like a soul-fueled evening out with your best girlfriends discussing curated topics with courage, kindness and the pursuit of a good glass of wine (or tea, if thats more your thang!)  Yes, YOU + Cyndie + a bunch of powerhouse women in LIVE conversation, monthly.

Every month we'll begin with a 2-hour discussion introducing a theme. We'll collectively come together, and then break out into smaller, curated groups to take a deeper dive into our thoughts and learnings about that month's themes. 

Writing Prompts, Tools, Resources & Daily Actions

Each month, you'll receive a workbook around that month's theme.  This will give you the tools to bring the inspiration of the discussion into real life to create positive change. Inspiration without action is bullshit. The workbook is where it all comes alive- changing habits and courageously shifting our collective perspectives by taking action throughout the month to activate what we've discussed. It takes 21 days to create a habit so over the course of a year, you will transform. 

Book Club

Don't you just LOVE a good f*ckin' book? We do too! At the end of every month, we'll come back together for an additional LIVE 2-hour group conversation to discuss the book we read. We'll have prompts to guide this conversation so everyone is included, regardless of how introverted or extroverted you may be.  We'll explore how our perspectives shifted throughout the month and the ripple effect this shift has on our greater lives. 

Private Online Community

We all know that the best thoughts happen after we've had the time to allow discussions to sink in. Right?! So every member will have access to our private online community to keep the conversation going between our live calls. This is how you'll share your wins, learnings and AHA's (because YOU WILL have them!) This is where the daily magic becomes REAL.

INVESTMENT: $89 a month 

😍  That's less than the cost of a cup of coffee every day! πŸ˜


INVESTMENT: $89 a month. Simple. 

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