"Is this a course?" No, The Community (of Us) is not a course though there will be a lot of inspired learning. You'll receive curated monthly workbooks with tools, resources and prompts to allow you to bring our discussions into your real-life, if you choose to

This is a community fueled and facilitated by Cyndie's innate curiosity and ability to ask the difficult questions while inspiring others to open heartedly learn and explore, collectively.  Members share a vision to create a more bold world by creating that shift one woman at a time. 

Take the inspiration of SuperSoul Sunday + the learning and motivation of a classroom + a passionate discussion of badass grown women all rolled into one. THIS is The Community (of Us).

"Why discussions? I talk enough!" Here's the thing about the quality of discussions we often have: We're preaching to the choir because we surround ourselves with people who already think like we do. These discussions feel good (mostly) but they aren't creating change. Alternately, you want to take these conversations further. You want to act and surround yourself with inspired women who seek the same. You want to feel, do and become the very best version of YOU. 

"Why monthly "take action" prompts?"  We see an inspiring post on social media and we feel uplifted and motivated...for about 5 minutes. This feeling isn't sustainable because we're not being given the tools to activate on what motivates us. It's a quick fix for a much larger challenge. 

We try the newest thing in self-help for a few days and we give up. We often lack the patience to change our habits. After all,  it takes at least 21 days to truly change a habit. And so again, we've missed the mark on truly creating change, regardless of how well-intentioned we are.

It's time to change that.

"How will I be able to connect to others and work in groups?"  We'll use a video platform where you'll be grouped into smaller "pods" of brilliant women to connect more personally and share thoughts and insights. You'll then rejoin the larger group where Cyndie will facilitate feedback, discussion and exploration. (If you've ever experienced one of Cyndie's LIVE workshops, this conversation will feel very much like that. BOLD, enlightening, and thought- provoking.)

"What if I join and I decide later than I'm not interested?" You're committing to an annual membership knowing that creating change takes courage and time. With that said, Cyndie firmly stands by the long-term impact of this work and truly believes that the work must come from you first. We are happy to offer a refund (minus one month's payment) if requested within the 1st 30 days. 

"What if I miss a call?" All calls will be recorded for you to come back and view later. Remember, there are two calls a month so even if you do miss one, you can always join the second. You will still have full access to the monthly workbooks. Remember, this isn't a traditional course and you are not being graded. Being present for any of the discussions is incredibly powerful so don't worry too much about missing calls. There's plenty of time to attend others. 

"When are the calls?" Calls are the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 7pm EST. Grab a cuppa tea or glass of wine, bring a notebook and get comfortable. 

"How do I know if this is right for me?" 

Women who want to make a difference but don't know where to start. 

Women seeking community to grow and thrive in diverse areas of your life.
You’re a women who is interested in expanding and sharing your truth honestly -
you're willing and truly wanting to create some level of change that goes beyond you but knowing that it starts with you.

You know that in order to grow you must be curious about your own beliefs and where they come from.