Badass women, united in conversation and community to create bold CHANGE.



A year of deliberate coached conversations, real change and a diverse community of badass women, led by Cyndie Spiegel

Bringing women together from different backgrounds and perspectives to discuss the hard shit. But also to openly learn from and be inspired by one another and grow into BOLDER, wiser women who make an impact on the world around us.

Why?  We spend so much of our time preaching to the choir, surrounding ourselves with people who already think like we do. These discussions feel good (mostly) but they aren't creating change.

More women must feel empowered to talk about the topics that we've been afraid to discuss.

Consider this: if we don't allow ourselves the ability to courageously show up and be heard,  then how can we ever expect it of others?

The Community (of Us)' mission is to create a shift, one badass, pure-hearted conversation at a time.  Join us.

***NOTE: If you are seeking purely small business coaching and community, head over to The Collective (of Us) right here


Cyndie Spiegel


"Cyndie helped me make the mental shift I needed. Now I’m willing to try things out and see where it goes, which is so much better than dreaming and taking no action. She adds so much value to the conversation because she knows the exact things that need to be said and is BRAVE + BOLD enough to say them."  -Wyokemia Joyner

There are so few people out there that can truly inspire and motivate while simultaneously making you really think about your actions in a positive light. What I love about the group is that it really propels people to change. Being part of this community has opened doors to collaborating with other incredible women." - Tündi Szász on The Collective (of Us)




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